St. Joseph

Spirituality of St. Joseph

As guardian of the Redeemer and protector of the Church, St. Joseph serves our parish as a model of humility, dedicating himself to the service of his Family, silently doing the ordinary in an extraordinary way always trusting in Divine Providence.

Characteristics of St. Joseph

  • Humble
  • Courageous
  • Provider
  • Prudent
  • Obedient to the will of God
  • Trusting in Divine Providence
  • Model of Workers
  • Example of married life and chaste love
  • Hidden Life
  • Prayerful Life
  • Immediate response
  • to the call of God
  • Life of Sacrifice
  • Life of Simplicity

St. Marello’s Pathways to Holiness

1. Now I Begin
2. Joseph of Nazareth
3. Hidden Life
4. Divine Providence
5.The Will of God
6. Silence
7. The Interests of Jesus
8. Do the ordinary in an extraordinary way
9. Union with God
10. Carthusians and Apostles


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