Holy Family Table

“I was hungry and you gave me to eat” (Matthew 25:35)

What is the Holy Family Table?

The Table is a soup kitchen that is open for breakfast from 8:00 am to 9:30 am, seven days a week, every day of the year.  Most mornings, 200 -250 meals are served, but sometimes there are over 500 meals served.  The Table provides a nutritious meal, free of charge, to anyone who is hungry–regardless of age, religion, race or ethnic background.  All in need are welcome.  No questions asked.

Where is it?

The Table is located in Griffin Hall at 201 North C Street in downtown Madera.  Griffin Hall is owned by St. Joachim’s Catholic Church.

Who runs the Holy Family Table?

The kitchen is run by volunteers who are organized into crews.  Each crew has a leader and 7-8 members.  There is a different crew and crew leader for each day of the week.  Since 2009, the Table has employed a part-time coordinator to oversee daily operations.  Although many of the volunteers are parishioners at St. Joachim’s Church, it is not necessary to be a church member to volunteer.  Everyone is welcome.

Do people have to attend a religious service to eat at the Table?

Religious services are not a part of the breakfast program.  There is an informational table at the side of the hall where people can get information about the Catholic faith, but stopping by that area is strictly voluntary.

Who pays for the Holy Family Table?

St. Joachim’s provides the hall, assists with clerical help, fiscal management and record-keeping.  Food & supplies are often donated by local merchants, farmers and individuals.  Many supporters send donations of money.  Money donated to the Table is received by the parish office and kept in a separate account.  It is used to buy whatever is needed for the Table that has not been donated.  The Holy Family Table Fund-Raising Committee (of volunteers) holds several events each year to help with operational costs and needed building improvements.  This committee also sends out a Newsletter and provides speakers to any organization that would like to know more about this service to the needy in Madera.

What else is Griffin Hall used for?

Griffin is primarily used for the Holy Family Table.  Sometimes the hall is opened for other services to the needy–immunization clinics, for example. Most wedding receptions and other gatherings that used to be held at Griffin are now held at the new parish hall (Holy Spouses), but Griffin is still rented on Saturday nights for smaller receptions.  Money raised in this way breaks the operational costs assumed by the parish for the hall.

Contact the following if you want to volunteer or donate:
Food coordination Arthur Salazar



  Betty Scalise


Business Services Sally Bomprezzi


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