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St. Joachim School Is an Educational Institution Serving Madera County for over 85 Years, Accredited by:

Mission Statement

As a faith community, with Jesus as our Master Teacher, we prepare students to become responsible Christian citizens by providing a Catholic environment where spirituality and learning thrive.

St. Joachim Schoolwide Learning Expectations

St. Joachim Students Are Expected:

To Be Faith-Filled People…
  • Who have attained an age-appropriate understanding of the Catholic Faith.
  • Who respond with compassion to those less fortunate.
  • Who make moral decisions based upon Gospel values.
To Be Enthusiastic Learners…
  • Who demonstrate knowledge, think critically, analyze and evaluate information and solve problems.
  • Who use technology for research, communication, learning and enjoyment.
  • Who are able to listen actively, read effectively, speak clearly and write concisely.
To Be Socially Responsible People…
  • Who respect other cultures, ethnicities, physical appearances, religious backgrounds, and diverse points of view.
  • Who become aware and knowledgeable about local and global issues and form opinions based upon Christian values.
  • Who develop self-confidence and leadership qualities.
To Be Cooperative Learners…
  • Who participate well in a group and share talents with others.
  • Who collaborate to reach solutions through observation, experimentation and discovery.
  • Who listen to and respect the ideas of others in the search for truth.
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